CAPA (Collective Automatic Painting Amsterdam)

The Cabo Mondego Section of Portuguese Surrealism

The very last action of CAPA (Collective Automatic Painting Amsterdam) happened at the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Dragones" at the Fundación Eugenio Granell in in the Spanish town Santiago de Compostela. It was here that the Cabo Mondego Section of Portuguese Surrealism worked together in collaboration with Rik Lina and Jan Giliam to create two large paintings. During this performance of collective automatic painting Rik and Jan decided ‐ because it was already the 9th time this happened ‐ to end CAPA and join the Cabo Mondego Section for good!

So, from now on the “Cabo Mondego Section” exists in two locations: Figueira da Foz, Portugal and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


CAPA (Collective Automatic Painting Amsterdam) : from 1991 until 2022


exhibitions & performances

  • 15 June 2022 Dragones: Jan Giliam and Rik Lina flew to the Spanish town of Santiago de Compostella to participate in a collaboration with five Portuguese artists, the Cabo Mondego Section of Portuguese Surrealism. This fused group of seven artists made two large paintings to celebrate the act of creating, automatic painting and friendship. The resulting paintings were donated to the organising institute: the Fundación Eugenio Granell.

    The performance happened to be the very last act made under the group name of CAPA. The Cabo Mondego Section of Portuguese Surrealism is the new name. Maybe theu will skip the word Portuguese one day…
  • 15 June 2019 Sim à vida, não ao lítio: Luiz Morgandinho & The Cabo Mondego Section of Portuguese Surrealism invited Rik Lina and Jan Giliam to paint together in the Parque Natural da Estrela (Portugal) to protest against the mining of Lithium in the park and to support the discussion on the severe environmental impacts induced by the processes and procedures of mineral exploration and extraction.
  • JAN GILIAM + RIK LINA = Collective Automatic Painting Amsterdam, CAPA Pop Up Gallery: 3e Wittenburgerdwarsstraat 1R, Amsterdam NL, April 2018
  • group exhibition in Figueira da Foz, Portugal: A Luz Dos Castelos Envidraçados. Until 31 December 2016
  • The Cabo Mondego Section Of Portuguese Surrealism – ASMAV-Guimaraes-Portugal 29 march-25april 2014
  • Cabo Mondego Section Performance with automatic poetry and painting in Buracas do Casmilo (Condeixa, Portugal) with Luiz Morgadinho, Miguel de Carvalho, Pedro Prata, Richard Waara, Rik Lina, Seixas Peixoto, Jan Giliam and Will Alexander. 20 September 2016 (video).
  • collective work: Para Montante das Fontes Dedicated to the group Colectivo The Cabo Mondego Section Of Portuguese Surrealism: July 28 - October 28 2012 Museu Municipal de Espinho (Galeria Amadeu Souza-Cardoso), Portugal. (invitation)
  • collective work: 2012 exhibition at GoggleWorks, Reading and The Gallery at WalnutPlace, Harrisburg USA. Catalog
  • November/December 2009: La Exposición De Surrealismo, in 3 museums: the Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende, El Museo de Santiago and in the Universidad de Chile. Santiago de Chile, Chile
  • Found Footage Collage made by Rik Lina and Jan Giliam on October 13 2012, Cabo Mondego, Figueira da Foz, Portugal (Collaborative 3D Collage by CAPA in P)
  • Para Montante Das Fontes: 28 July until 14 October 2012 in the Museu Municipal de Espinho (Galeria Amadeu Souza-Cardoso) Portugal. (exhibition with the Cabo Mondego section)
  • performance by at the finissage "Para Montante Das Fontes" 14 October 2012 in the Museu Municipal de Espinho Portugal (performance with the Cabo Mondego section)
  • Obra em cima do Dólmen das Carniçosas, Miguel de Carvalho, Rik Lina and Jan Giliam in the Serra da freguesia das Alhadas, Figueira da Foz, Portugal. 14 October 2012
  • Galeria Enquadrar, Aveiro, Portugal, 2009 (exhibition with the Cabo Mondego section)
  • A bigorna e o anjo - Porto, Portugal, 2009 (performance with the Cabo Mondego section)
  • Umbral Secreto, Santiago de Chile, Chile, 2009 (exhibition)
  • O reverso de olhar - Surrealismo Actual (exhibition & performance), Coimbra, Portugal *2008
  • Ojo del infinito azul (performance), Laguna Verde, Valparaíso, Chile *2006
  • Art Garden / Unfolding (performance), Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam *2003
  • Les touches magnetiques - Peinture Automatique Collective (exhibition), Travelling Czech Republic and Belgium *2001
  • Phases-Surrealismo e contemporaneidade (exhibition & performance), Museu de Arte Contemporânea, São Paulo, Brazil *1997
  • Artbeat Gallery (exhibition), Amsterdam *1997
  • Keunst of kiste? (exhibition), Nuva-Uitvaartcentrum, Leeuwarden *1997
  • Seminar Art & Vitality (performance), University Amsterdam *1996
  • Studium Generale - surrealisme (performance), Gebouw De Wereld, Wageningen *1995
  • Honderd raven - ILC (exhibition), Occi, Amsterdam *1995
  • Correction project (performance), Smart Galerie, Amsterdam*1994
  • Slithy Toves (exhibition), Orkeljunga Kulturhûs, Sweden *1993
  • Labyrinth (exhibition & performance), Art Academy, Poznań, Polen *1993
  • Collectieve automatische schilderijen (exhibition), Galerie Zône, Leiden *1993
  • Vereniging Media Kunstenaars (performance), Time Based Arts, Amsterdam *1993
  • Forum ILC (exhibition), Huize Lydia, Amsterdam *1993
  • Droomschaar (exhibition & performance), Perdu, Amsterdam *1992
  • Grenzgänge (exhibition & performance), Galerie 13, Hannover * 1992
  • Forum ILC (Internationale Libertaire Cultuur) (exhibition), Amsterdam *1992
  • Amalgam (exhibition & performance), Perdu, Amsterdam *1992
  • Dechiphrage II (exhibition) , Galerie 13, Hannover * 1992
  • Wanted: Cadavre (exhibition & performance), Hourglass Galerie, Paris *1992
  • The properties of Thumor 11 (exhibition & performance), Galerie 13, Hannover *1992
  • Poibos, F.I.A.P, Paris (exhibition), *1992
  • Modification Sonderborg (performance) Galerie Boër, Hannover *1991


  • CAPA 4, since 2013
    members: Rik Lina and Jan Giliam
  • CAPA Cabo Mondego Section, since 2008
    members: Rik lina, Miguel de Carvalho, Seixas Peixoto, João Rasteiro, Pedro Prata (Portugal)
    temporary participants or guests: Jan Giliam, Sergio Lima (Brazil), Marta Perez, Luiz Morgadinho, Celeste Tavares Alves (Portugal), Gregg Simpson (Canada), Michael Vandelaar (Australia), Donald Coulter, Kate Kirkhuff (USA), Miguel Flores Eloz (Chile)
  • CAPA 3, since 1998
    members: Rik Lina, Jan Giliam, Dave Bobroske (1949- 2013) (Canada)
    temporary participants or guests: Hettie Govers, Machteld Teekens, GertJan Evelo, Lex Kieliem, Max Mink, Ziad Haider (1954-2006) (Iraq), John Welson (Wales) Jorge Leal Labrin (Chile), Miguel Lohlé (Argentina), Amirah Gazel (Costa Rica), Antonio Beneyto (España)
  • CAPA 2, 1996 - 1997
    members: Rik Lina, Jan Giliam, Fredy Flores Knistoff (Chile), Dave Bobroske (Canada), Carlos Ré (Argentina), Jim Burns (USA)
  • CAPA 1, 1991 - 1996
    members: Rik Lina, Gerda van der Krans, Geert van Mulken, Fredy Flores Knistoff (Chile), Dave Bobroske, Paul Goodman (Canada), Miguel Lolhé (Argentina)
    temporary participants or guests: Jorge Leal Labrin, Mariano Maturana, Mauritio Jalil (Chile), Tony Pusey (England), Rainer Wichering , Mathias Lyssy, Katharina van Hoffs (Deutschland), Kathleen Fox (South Africa), Martin van Zomeren

Work in collections

  • Fundación Camaleonart, San José, Costa Rica
  • Museu Municipal De Espinho, Portugal
  • Museu Municipal de Espinho (Galeria Amadeu Souza-Cardoso), Espinho, Portugal
  • Fundación Eugenio Granel, Santiago de Compostella, Spain
  • Museu de Arte Contemporânea da USP, São Paulo, Brasil
  • Museo de Solidaridad Salvador Allende, Santiago de Chile, Chile




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