Graham Birtwistle (Historian and critic of art, professor at the VU University of Amsterdam) about Collective Automatic Painting Amsterdam.
** …Such a group began in The Netherlands in 1991 when the Amsterdam painter Rik Lina and the Chilean painter Fredy Flores Knistoff first worked together on one and the same painting. Since then this experiment has blossomed into a wider collaboration, with artists from various lands and cultures -they include The Netherlands, Canada, Chile, Argentina - regularly coming together to make collective paintings together…so today (as with the collective experiment of CoBrA)… there are still artists around who want to turn cultural difference into collaboration and thereby transcend a purely individualistic way of working. It would seem, then, that the old motto from the founding statement of CoBrA in 1948 has not lost its relevance: "We are working together, we shall go on working together **

Graham Birtwistle 1993