Jan Giliam
Giliam & Grotjohann Glass fusing

Giliam & Grotjohann is a partnership between two artists resident in Amsterdam, Jan Giliam van Arkel (1965) and Bert Grotjohann (1939); they employ the glass fusion technique.

Bert Grotjohann has been employing the technique for over 40 years, having created many monumental commissioned works. Jan Giliam has been active in glass fusion since 2001, having learnt the technique form Bert Grotjohann and at Bohle in Haan (Germany). In 2012 both artists decided to work together on commissioned pieces, from design to creation. Through cooperation with Peters Glasmalerei in Paderborn (Germany) they are authorized to make certified pieces in glass to be applied to architecture.

Giliam & Grotjohann are experienced in fusing glass in combination with lead glazing, on ceilings, walls or other architectonic objects. For their works they use glass that has been factory tested for compatibility. Fused glass panels might be sandblasted, painted, silk-screened or glued (glass applique); but they make also glass with a pattern or drawing in relief.

Glass panels may be placed between double glazing or hardened. There is tin, breakable glass but there are also very hard sorts of glass, resistant to violence and climate rigors.