Jan Giliam
"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." (Einstein, 1879)

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Jan Giliam is a visual artist working with pencils, paint and glass. But three days a week he turns into a dedicated teacher. He challenges children in exploring creativity.

A network is a mode or inquiry for Jan Giliam. A way to investigate his position as an artist through networks (people, things). He creates a moving cultural web through his work, by collaborations with schools, cultural institutions and other artists, in which he mediates through his aesthetics and his ability to be (digitally) interactive, i.e. involving others in it. On the one hand, Giliam wants to open up culture through concepts, conversations and aesthetics and on the other, he uses his own visual language (his drawings, paintings and glass works) to tighten and, when possible, to deploy. His work thus acts as a membrane: two poles, one aesthetic and singular, the other interactive and communicative.

Giliam studied Arts, Education and Mathematics in Amsterdam (NL) and graduated in 1988. To improve and refresh his skills Jan Giliam went to the Digital Pioneers Academy for innovative Internet initiatives in 2007 and graduated from the Amsterdam Gameskool in Game Design and Education in 2010.