the altar, September 12 2009

CAPA + Cabo Mondego Section.
Miguel de Carvalho, Rik Lina, Seixas Peixoto and Jan Giliam van Arkel.

See also the other collective works by CAPA + CMS made in the woods near Figueira da Foz, Portugal on September 12 2009: on paper, on the table, in the air. Or pictures from the performance on the previous day in Porto.
picknicktafel01 picknicktafel02 picknicktafel03 picknicktafel04
picknicktafel05 picknicktafel06 picknicktafel07 picknicktafel08
picknicktafel09 picknicktafel10 picknicktafel11 picknicktafel12
picknicktafel13 picknicktafel14 picknicktafel15 picknicktafel16
picknicktafel17 picknicktafel18 picknicktafel19 picknicktafel20
picknicktafel21 picknicktafel22 picknicktafel23 picknicktafel24